Lost In Translation

My daughter Svet speaks quite well now, enough for us to decipher most of what she's trying to say. Most, is the operative term here, as sometimes I still think she must be an alien's daughter (or at least someone from Russia) because of the words coming out of her mouth. Especially if she's excited or she doesn't know how to call something (she would proceed to invent a name for it, most of the times a rather long name).

She's seen too much Dora the Explorer (and other cartoon) episodes, that much is obvious from the way she speaks and from what she's learned to say so far. I'm sometimes even surprised that she knows how to say a certain phrase in English, when it's clearly not the language that we use to speak inside the house. Her songs are mostly off said kids' show, songs that she won't stop singing at night before she goes to sleep.

She's only two, so I know her speech can only get better by the day. My mom scolds me and tells me to talk to Svet more often so that she'll learn faster. I realize she is right (when is that woman ever wrong? *sigh*), and that I haven't been talking to Svet as much as I need to. Talk, as in talk like adults. I should start now, no? If not I might forever be lost in translation.


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