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My sister Rikka's husband introduced TABASCO® to us several months ago. At first we were not very enthusiastic about it, but lately we realized we simply cannot live without it anymore. Our twice a month grocery shopping is not complete without purchasing a refill of our favorite TABASCO® Original Red. We are pepper people at heart, and the stuff is just addicting, no matter what dish we put it in.

With Super Bowl season just around the corner, sports and foodie fans can celebrate it with a blast with Pizza Perfected partnered with their all-time favorite chips and beer. Not a huge pizza fan? Worry not as there are tons of choices on the Game-Day Party Menu page to choose from to fuel the high energy required of this season. As huge TABASCO® fans, every meal is as exciting to us as watching the Super Bowl event live.

If you think that TABASCO® is just your run-of-the-mill pepper sauce, then you have another thought coming. TABASCO® Original Red is "So Much More Than Hot", and that's not just lip service to the spice. Unlike other pepper sauces we've tried, it blends well with food so that you can add it to virtually anything: from soups, dips, salads, cocktails, stews to popcorn! It being low in sodium compared to other pepper sauces is also a plus factor for us.

Do you have a TABASCO® Original Red recipe you want to share with us? We could use several new additions to our menu to add variety to our daily meals. :)

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