Happy Birthday Mom!

Ma, you turn fifty years old today but to us you don't seem to age because of the strength that you always show ever since we were born. We don't see each other a lot these days, what with the work that you keep in another city, but I hope in the near future you'll decide to work from home like I do, so you can always see your grandchildren and your bunso, who I know makes your heart really happy. I know we haven't been giving you nothing but greeting cards (and the occasional odd gift) during your past birthdays, so now that you've reached a milestone in your life, we hope to make it a bit more special by giving you something you want and need. I hope you like our gift!

As I always say, we haven't always been the model daughters that you would've liked for us to be, but know that you are the best mother that anyone can have. Not the housewife-y type who bakes cookies and knits clothes for her children, but the kind-hearted and very understanding mom that we need. Happy birthday Ma! We love you so much, we hope you know that.


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Conversion Doctor said...

What a sweet message. Your mom must have taken you really good all these years.