Google It, Will You?

Can I vent? Sure I can. This is my blog, after all. Hehe. I just find it irritating that some people abuse me too much. I've given them my hand and yet they still want more and take my whole arm. It's mostly my fault, though, what with the stupid people-pleaser in me. I try to be kind to everyone, but unfortunately, I come face to face with some people who take advantage of that.

I know a bit about blogs and how they work (I design and write for blogs for a living, after all), so I help out as much as I can when people have questions. But telling me to do something for you that you can do yourself? Asking me a question that you could have easily Googled in seconds? Demanding me to explain to you how stuff works and what that hostmonster review means like I have a responsibility to do that? I mean seriously? It's either plain stupidity or laziness OR both.

Fortunately, I am not as gullible as some people think. I can usually spot a user from a mile. Although of course sometimes my radar fails me (reason why I am ranting, in the first place. LOL). The period when I am still determining whether a person is still worth helping, be glad for that. I'll help out when I can. But I reach a boiling point. And when I do, a person better hopes he's/she's not there to hear what I have to say. Because I could say really mean things. Just ask Paulie. He knows.



Eric Graham Review said...

Well that's the problem of being too kind on people your close friends. It's because you just can't seem to refuse on their favors right? They are getting used of the fact that you have a relative good knowledge about the internet and that they want to depend on you, almost all. You can practice yourself on resisting such favors. They need also to grow like you who's improving because of self-help.

rikka said...

ouch! hahaha!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

That's my reason why I can't work with customer service kind of job. I can't stand stupid people!!!!