Not me, as I have enough work in my hands to keep me occupied for three lifetimes. My daughter Svet is. I know she feels it's almost the weekend, and she's already showing signs of utmost boredom. Today she watched Disney movies almost the whole day, and played Plants Vs. Zombies with me when I took a break from work. But that's about it. Her dad does not play with her all the time anymore because he's busy himself, making vectors for submission to stock photo sites.

I hear her in the background now, singing to herself while trying to sleep. She takes hours before she can actually sleep, and she just lied down so I know the singing will go on for a couple of hours more. I will retire to bed a bit later to join her, but right now Mommy still has to finish some work. I sometimes wish she has someone else to play with, like a nanny perhaps? But I don't think that's wise economically for us right now. Oh well. At least she's learning to be independent this early. And of course we'll spend time outside during the weekend, to compensate for her boredom during weekdays.


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