Manny Pacquiao On MTV Cribs

People have been talking about this MTV Cribs feature of Manny Pacquiao's house in Los Angeles so I decided to see it for myself. True, Pacquiao hasn't improved his verbal proficiency much in the English language since he started but boy, who needs English fluency when you have what he has in his life right now. Imagine, he has this wonderful house in LA (tasteful art deco lighting and all that jazz) as well as a couple of other houses far grander than this here in the Philippines. He even has a boxing glove shaped swimming pool at his house in General Santos City, for crying out loud. Talk about living the high life, eh?

He has a lot of family pictures on his walls and his shelves, which is a typical Filipino house characteristic. Huge wall mirrors and a cute George Kovacs lighting look-alike adorn his main bathroom. His kids' rooms are too cute for words, while the master bedroom is gorgeous. He has a fireplace in his swimming pool. How cool is that? I haven't seen the inside of his houses here in the Philippines, but I have a feeling they're much more eye-poppingly awesome than what was  featured on MTV Cribs. I wonder if they have a show like Cribs here. Will definitely watch that if they feature Pacman in it.


kimmy said...

proud to be Pinoy every time Pacquiao makes news, lol!

Eric Graham Review said...

I've actually seen this one last week from a friends post. I'm a big fan of Manny Pacquiao ever since because he is very quick and well-trained boxer.

Anyways, I love the house he lived in California. It's very simple. Perfect for whole family.

Grace said...

He is really LIVING IT. But this guy's success is nearly impossible to be jealous over. You just can't hold it against a guy who worked hard for every penny he's earned.