Happy Hearts Day!

It's that day of the year when couples have all the reason in the world to be cheesy! What's your plan today? A romantic date with the hubby? A movie marathon session at home? Whatever it is that you plan to do with your special someone, I hope that it brings the two of you closer together. Remember that Valentine's day isn't the only time that we should express our love for people that we love.

Everyday can be Valentine's if we choose it to! And no, of course it doesn't have to be flowers, balloons and chocolates everyday. Love can be expressed in tons of different ways. We each have unique relationships, and what works for some may not work for others. So make your partner happy the best way you know how. No matter how much you plan to spend today (or nothing at all, as I said, whatever floats your partner's boat), just know that it's the thought that really counts.


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