Long Weekend

I had a long weekend last week because my mom and my cousin Karla was here. My break started Thursday and I only came back to work properly on Monday. So that's four days of just watching movie, eating, sleeping and going out. We went to Market Encounter at Burnham last Sunday to check out what the stalls have to offer. Most of the prices of the goods are incredulously expensive, but there were also some good buys inside. We had to pay Php10 as an entrance fee, but I think it was worth the trip. Even if it meant more looking than buying.


After making the rounds, we looked at the entries for a landscaping competition beside Market Encounter, and boy were the flowers gorgeous. We of course took the opportunity to pose in front of some of the entries, and if it weren't for the rain I don't think we would have left so soon. It was a tiring day because Svet was her usual hyperactive self, refusing to be carried and wanting to just run and run and run. It's not all the time she gets to do that, so we let her be. She was dead tired when we went home. Hee hee.

One of the landscape competition entries

Svet, my cousin Karla, and I
Svet posing in front of another competition entry

I hope to get another long weekend early next month. Mom told me she'd be here again by then and we'd go to the Session Road In Bloom to look at (and perhaps buy some) stuff again. Panagbenga can be tons of fun, especially if you know where to go.


zoan said...

may entrance fee? ehehe para lang mamili? ehehe

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@zoan: oo. saklap no. niahaha! di bale, Php5 lang naman. aliw naman maglibot sa loob e :)

Eric Graham Review said...

You really did enjoy on your long weekend especially with your loved ones. Your daughter is adorable and cute.

~ "C" said...

Visiting you here as well! Laki na ni svet! kyoot much!

JonaBQ said...

i wish we could take the kids to Baguio some day :D my personal agendas would be to shop for silver accessories and ukay-ukay haha! :D