Some People Want It All

Me and my sisters have been brought up by my mom with little money to go by, and because of that I learned not to covet material things that are deemed unnecessary in our standards. I've learned not to request for Christmas presents, birthday gifts and anything that does not qualify as a really basic need. I don't regret how I've been brought up, though. Because of that I learned how to be contented with what I have.

Although I can't truthfully say that I don't want more income, I am still fully enjoying the fruits of my labor right now. I never dreamed that I would become a WAHM, much less earn this much (no, I won't tell you an exact figure. I'm secretive like that. Just know that I earn a lot more than the average 8-5 employee), and I'm overwhelmed by how we don't need to borrow money from relatives anymore, and how money seems to come easy these days.

And even though there's still a lot of things on my to-buy list (like a more powerful graphics card (geeky, I know), eye wear for when my eyes hurt from too much working, and additional furniture (I'm a furniture addict, FYI), I won't be feel that something is missing in my life if I don't get those.I already have everything that I need in this life: a loving family, a just-right income, true friends, good health.

What more can a girl ask for?

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