Of Fun And Videoke

Although my singing voice is bordering on the seriously unpleasant, I still find our videoke sessions quite enjoyable. No one in the family is a great singer, so I guess that helps everyone not be conscious that their pitch is too high, too low, or most of the times off-key. My mom has a DVD player which mainly functions as a videoke, so we need not hire those huger videoke for rents that can be found here in the neighborhood.

Last time we had a videoke session, my cousin Karla was here and she's one of the people I know who is always game when it comes to singing her heart out. We had fun, and the session lasted until the neighbors called the police because we were too noisy and they were already sleeping. Kidding. We stopped because we were already hoarse from too much singing.

Even back in college with my closest friends, videoke is what we look forward to after (or even before! LOL) a long day of working on our thesis. Coupled with beer and good food, those days are the most I miss looking back.

Hey, who's up for a videoke session tonight? We might have another go at it. It's been like what, a week already since we last sang? Tsk. Too long.


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mommy jes said...

Yay parehas tayu VIDEOKE is my fav thing to do...dati araw araw kumakanta ako sa bahay sa valenzuela ahahhaha kaso nung nalipat na ko sa malabon wala na kasi tahimik kasi vilage na whahah dne gaya ng sa valenzuela maingay dn mga tao kaya ok lang :D