Eherm. Sponsors?

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Wow. It's been a long while since I first discussed my blogversary contest. It's been pushed at later dates until we finally settled for January. We. Yes, it's not just me now. Pehpot has also celebrated her blog anniversary last November 25 and has decided that we merge our contests into one. Since it's already December 1 and we're planning to hold the contest on January as soon as we all got back from our holiday vacations, we thought it best to start actively looking for sponsors. There were already several who came forward to tell me of their interest to become sponsors, and I will contact those who offered cash after I publish this.

What, cash only??? I originally stated that I will be accepting any form of sponsorship but since there are two of us now and essentially, this will be a bigger contest than I originally planned, we decided it is wisest to give just cash to contestants to eliminate the complexities of our planned contest system. Who wouldn't like some extra cash, anyways? We've (okay, Peh did) already devised a prize tree for the contest, but we will not publish that yet as it still depends on the amount of cash that we will be able to collect from the sponsors (I am tempted to add and run away with it but I love my life more than I love money, so don't slay us).

And while I'm lost in my own thoughts of death by social suicide, if you're interested to become a sponsor (Pretty please??? And that's with sugar on top!), here's what's in store for you:

  • Increased number of comments. Our contest will be focusing on comments, so if you're a MAJOR sponsor, the contestants will gain points by commenting on your blog! That's added readership, valuable feedback and increased traffic! More detailed contest rules to follow in future posts.
  • Tons of backlinks from other sites. If you're conscious about your PageRank, you must know that backlinks are uberly important. You will get them from contestants blogging about our contest and putting your links in their sidebars. And link juice from us, of course.
  • Site reviews. This will be a requirement for contestants, so added feedback to your site, as well as THREE backlinks PER review.
  • Your button or link (if it's not there already) at my PR2 site and Pehpot's PR3 site.
  • Increased number of comments. As with the Level One sponsors, contestants will gain points for commenting on your blog.
  • Tons of backlinks from other sites. Link juice from contestants (and us) blogging about our contest and your links in their sidebars.
  • Site reviews. Contestants will be given extra points for reviewing your blog, with TWO backlinks PER review.
  • Your button or link (if it's not there already) at my PR2 site and Pehpot's PR3 site.

  • Tons of backlinks from other sites. Link juice from contestants (and us) blogging about our contest and your links in their sidebars.
  • Site reviews. Contestants will be given extra points for reviewing your blog, with ONE backlink per review.
  • Your button or link (if it's not there already) at my PR2 site and Pehpot's PR3 site.

I can add that the privilege of working with the most creative minds (eherm) on the blogosphere would be another plus to being a sponsor, but that would be lying flagrantly. LOL. We are targeting FIFTY or more participants, so for major sponsors, it means gaining 50 or more blog reviews (times 3 backlinks, that's 150 backlinks or more ) for choosing to sponsor $50.

Sponsors are more than welcome to join the contest, of course. I will be updating weekly about the amount of money we've managed to gather so far so that's something to look forward to. The comment section is waiting for you below for offers and clarifications. Aren't you itching to sponsor now? Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Okay eto muna pa buena mano:

I'll sponsor $5 for each sites:
Best Vacation Places

Health and Beauty Diva

Diva Fabulosa

Isipin ko pa iba....:P

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

sure ikaw pa! for now bid ko muna for $5 each ang aking babyblog and fabmomma =)

gosh excited ako..

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

yeyeyeyy! thanks bambie dear and marce jade! woot!

Leilanie said...

Hi, I can sponsor $5 for my site Travelin' With Marie. I am also having a contest. If you would like to sponsor, I am still taking last minute sponsors up until Dec 3rd.

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ Ms. Marie: thank you so much! will be heading to your site now for my pledge ;)

redamethyst said...

are you accepting Liberty reserve and alertpay money?

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ red: i'm sorry hun. but it should be cash or paypal money only. it'll be hard for most of our contestants to cash out liberty reserve and alertpay, i hope you understand :)

Leilanie said...

Thank you Kaye for your sponsorship pledge! My contest is now started and I have added you to my list of sponsors. Please send your ec credits to this account:

Thanks again for being a sponsor! :]

Mommy Levy said...

Hi! I'll sponsor $5

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ ms. marie: sent the ECs! and no prob! ;)

@ levy: thanks levy! pledge noted ;)

GagayMD said...

Hi Mommy Kaye! I found your contest's blog post at Adgi's forum. I found it interesting, honestly. Great contest idea, indeed.

For now, I wanna sponsor $20 for my baby blog The Latest Buzzzz.

Thank you!!! Kindly ping me if there's some probs regarding sponsorship. :)

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ Gagay: thank you for sponsoring! i will contact you in the coming days for your pledge :) thanks again!

Mara said...

Hi Ate Kaye!
I can't seem to open Ate Peh's blog so I'll just post my pledge here. $5 each for Mara's Personal Bubble and Mara's Appetite. :)

GagayMD said...

no worries Mommy Kaye! God Bless on your contest!!!

Happy Blogging!

Walking Newspaper
Pinoy Medical Doctor
The Latest Buzzzz

peppermayo said...

hi kaye! got your message...

hmmm... another contest, eh?!

question: will i get the same perks if i pledge more than $5 but less than $20?

ok, for now, i'm pledging $5... i may add a few more bucks though, depends on how my MMM schemes perform. LOL! see yah around!

onlinemommy said...

Hi Kaye :)
I can only sponsor $5 for now. Pero I'll try to add more ha pag me mga opps ako :) Mejo matagal pa naman po cguro ito :)

God Bless on your contest!

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ mae, mara & mylene: thanks girls! you're a love!!!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I will sponsor $5 each for My Quality Day and Just Throw Money

Eric : Blog De Manila : Philippine Blog said...

makakasali ako pero depende sa ibibigay ng mga ninong at ninang ko sa pasko :)

moonstar said...

Hello, new here but i would love to sponsor $5 pay pal account ;

113Tidbits said...

I just finished sending in my $20 for a second tier sponsorship from

Looking forward to seeing how well this goes.

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ sharky: thank you love! i'm sending you an email now ;)

@ eric: LOL. galingan mo pamamasko. :-p

@melandria: thank you for your pledge dearie!

@113Tidbits: Great! Thanks!!! i DO hope you sent it to the right paypal account :-p

onlinemommy said...

Hi Kaye,

I've already sent you my pledge :) God Bless on your contest. Sana hindi mahirap so I could also join :)


GagayMD said...

te kaye!!

i've already sent my pledge! thankie for pinging me!!!

happy blogging!!

The Latest Buzzzz

SuperGulaman said...

aha! cge... $5 sa ... anu nga ba paypal account mu... :)

=supergulaman= said...

ahehehe..inde pd ng $20 eh, $5 lang ang kaya, mag-rerenew ako ng domain eh...ahehehe...send ko na...check nya na lng ang paypal address na magsesend... :)

SwitSexyThing said...

i wanna sponsor $5 for here comes the bride (

neva | manilamommy said...

ang galing naman! i'd like to sponsor your contest too :D thanks so much for opening this opportunity. i have a paypal account and i'd like to sponsor $10. good luck and more power!


neva manilamommy

neva | manilamommy said...

hi! i forgot to leave my email addy it's neva.arboledasantos[at]gmail[dot]com

thanks again!

bambie said...

hey there K.

as much as i want to pledge a higher amount, i can only afford $5 because I paid for 2 ads on adgitize.

so there, $5 from my thoughts, my heart, my turf.

please let me know how i can send the money to you as i have no idea. thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi k! di kita maabutan online.. am working at night again... so anyway.. pledge ako ng $5 for The Tsinay Writes para may mga backlinks na sya. Hehe. Thanks!!!

niko said...

next year sa level 2 na ko mag sponsor!! hahha

kamz said...

meron pa bang next year na pacontest? kung meron, cguro doble na rin ang premyo? hehe!

Genefaith said...

sana meron pa next year para makasave ako pampamajor sponsor...he..he...

redamethyst said...

as early at this time pala you're preparing for the contest. buti nakahabol ako sa sponsors.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

this is huge contest, I can see participants working hard

Genefaith said...

marami na tayo...sponsor sana ako next year pang level 1...nakakaadik!!! LOL!

niko said...

woah. major sponsor tlga ako next year heheheeh

niko said...

nkakatuwa siguro feeling na andmi nagpipledge hihihih

the bloggers love you kaye and peh!! :) hihihi