And We're Done

Our Sanity Blog aka Contest Blog is now closed. No one came forward to complain so now we will start giving away the prizes.

Comment your paypal id here. I know composing an email takes a lot of time (you need to sign in to yuor mail account and before you start creating one, your attention was caught by the new mail in your inbox. Oh, it's an update from your favorite blog and so you head on reading about that blog completely forgetting why on earth you opened your mail acc).. so to spare myself from head ache and you from another dementia attack, just comment here your paypal id. No worries as the comment with your paypal id will not be published.

Here are the complete list of the winners of our contest:

5 top winners:
Niko: $200
Sherry: $100
Gene: $50
Red: $30
Kikamz: $20

5 lucky winners of $20 each: Jules, Ruthy, Beng, Sarah, Hyanne

Best Post about the contest: Mylene

Best Review for Make or Break: Kikamz

Best Review for Random WAHM Thoughts: Mys

3 Random Winners for Posting About Contest, $5 each: Gene, Ruthy, John Lottery

Congratulations all!

Oh, I am done choosing the best reviewer for my blogs. I will post about it later.. need to sleep now.

Pehpot not


redamethyst said...

waa ano ba not following instruction naman ako. hehe sowee naman

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

congrats again.. sana may susunod na contest pa, sarap maging sponsor ng contest nyo eh lol

genefaith said...

congrats sa winners:) what a contest! hanggang sa uulitin:)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

thank you I received :D

EnAirRaH said...

Thanks Ateh Kaye, received ko na po ang prize...thanks a lot to both of you..