GT: Don't Look Now!

I know you'll still look, so the title is kind of futile, eh? Okay, so first off, I gotta tell you this: I woke up this morning with a start and turned on my computer first thing because I remembered it was Girls Talk today and I don't have an entry ready yet. So the I immediately went to was marce Niko's blog, to check out what picture she posted and to get an idea how far I should go. Shock is a very soft word to call what I felt when I saw her picture. Traumatized, more like it. Bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! Yeah, THAT long a hysterical laugh. I shall be haunted for all my remaining days by the picture you posted marce Niks. Hahaha! My gosh, hindi ako makaget-over. Bwahahaha! Half a day later and here I am, still laughing. Baliw ka talaga Niko! But I salute you for your courage, you really are deserving to be the host of this meme. As in.  Bow na bow.

And because of you, I had a hard time finding a picture that would compete with what you posted. My bad. I shouldn't have looked. Now these old pictures of me that I found doesn't seem so horrible anymore. Ang harsh ko ba? Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Heh. Sumasakit na tyan ko. Here ARE my entries na nga (naks dami no!), which I dug up on our baul (old chest):

First picture is my Daycare Center ID. Niahaha. Look at the hair and the expression, my goodness. Like I was just dragged right out of bed and into the front of the camera to have my ID picture taken. Sheesh. Second picture is during my high school days, with one of my best friends, Jeella (I'm the taller girl on the left). Do you need to ask why this is an embarrassing picture for me to show? I look like a boy in there! Well, I really was more boyish when I was in high school, and this picture captures it. Love the picture because it's with my best friend who lives far away now, but hate to show it to everbody. LOL.

And in case you're curious, yes, this post is backdated. Niahaha. I enjoyed this month, really. I so, so enjoyed this March's topics. Thank you Marce. Hey girls, dare reveal your most embarrassing pictures ever? Head on to Marce Niko's Girl Talk page and share with us your photos! We promise not to laugh (so much. Wahahaha!)

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