Sleepless In Seattle

I saw the movie when it first came out, and fell in love with Tom Hanks. Cute, but not overly so. I decided to watch it again with Paulie a couple of weeks ago, and my belief that it is a beautiful, funny movie based on my vague memories of it were reaffirmed. However, I won't be doing a full review of that here. :lol: I was just reminded of the movie when I recently found this novel dating concept introduced by Tasty Network, which promises to make the single Seattle dating scene a lot more fun than it normally is. Although I am far from being interested in dating, I know a lot of single ladies and guys would love to know how it works.

The idea is to meet with a group (six people) of single men and women over dinner at any one of the trendy Tasty Seattle dating restaurant venues and just have a lot of fun. No pressures to be intimate or the huge awkwardness of first time one-on-one meetings, since it is a group dinner. Membership to the network is free, but choosing to upgrade of course has its extra benefits. And yes, this lovely dating concept which allows you to not only potentially meet the one, but to also grow your circle of friends as well is making more and more dinner schedules, so expect it to happen in the city you're in, or at the very least, a city near you.

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fedhz said...

yeah.. classic. basta tom hanks, maganda yan for sureness. pati ung isa.. anong movie un? ung you got mail. shet. kakainlababers. hoist! punta kame Baguio.. wooooooooot!!! sureness na to!