BEST Post(S!) About The Contest!

Based on our schedule, today we are going to announce the winners of Best Post About The Contest and Best Review for Make or Break and Random WAHM Thoughts. No more blahs, here it is:

Best Post About The Contest
2 months of advertising in Adgitize (worth $28)

Best Review For Random WAHM Thoughts
A month of advertising in Adgitize (worth $14)

Best Review For Make or Break
A month of advertising in Adgitize (worth $14)

From more than 90 entries, our choices were narrowed down to 16 and then to three. It was really hard, we tell you. Our top three choices were the entries of Yami, Mylene and Bambie (Sunshine). We love Yami's post because it's so unique. We felt like we landed on the front page of the leading newspaper (press na press ang dating!). We also love Bambie's post ginormously, yep, we ├╝ber like that term! Mylene's post, on the other hand, was perfect for both of us. Witty, interesting, engaging and OC acceptable (that's just me). And yes, this is Pehpot speaking posting for Kaye.

But, are we just going to let go of the two other posts without recognition? The posts that made us grind our teeth and hurt our finger tips from too much nail-biting? Of course not! We are giving you guys a consolation prize of $5 each! So Bambie and Yami, email me (peh_cats at your paypal addresses. Mylene, Mys and Kikamz, we will email you your Adgitize codes.

As for our best reviewers we will make a separate post on why we chose them.

Watch out for the following:

March 25: Big Winners Day. Announcement of the 1st to 4th prize and lucky winners of $20

March 29: Announcement of winners of reviews of my other blogs. CLICK HERE for details.

Winners of our Lucky Posters can be found here.


bambie said... is me right? the bambie up there is me? yipee! hihihi! now i believe in the saying better late than never. :-D

thanks thanks!

Sherry said...

congrats to winners :D

yami said...

Ang galing winner din moi. Thanks marce! :)

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ bambie and marce yami: you deserve it girls! congrats!

redamethyst said...

congratulations to the winners!

Mylene said...

Thanks! Thanks! Hehehehe Didn't expect my entry will be chosen.

I am soooo happy that my entry was chosen, not because of the prize but because I was able to pass your high standard in writing :D

More blessings to you and Peh ;)

kamz said...

whee!!! thanks, thanks!

two days more to go before the big day! the suspense is killing me!

Sherry Go Sharing said...

yeah waiting for the day 25

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

COngrats sa winners =) they deserve it..

Congrats din kay Bambie Sunshine, bigla ako kinabahan dun akala ko ako lol

zoan said...

congrats sa winners :)