Overhauling My Blog Templates

You'd think, being a blog designer, that I would be able to change my templates frequently. I thought so, too. But since I suck at time management, I hardly have time to tweak my themes, much less update my blogs everyday with new content. It was a new year's resolution that I will pay more attention to my blogs this year, and although I have been a little successful at doing it, I still haven't found time to overhaul all my blogs' look.

I have already asked Paulie to draw mockups for my blogs, and that he's doing at the moment.He's only doing it at nights, though, so it will be some time before he can finish it all. I want a more personalized look for my blogs this time, templates that will be fully customized as opposed to using stock vectors from Fotolia. I want a Custom Logo Design for my WAHMaholic blog, especially, but I still have no idea what I want for the design.

So yes, that means you'll be seeing new templates on my blogs, but the question is when. Of course, I am pretty sure that it will happen within this year. LOL. I hope me and Paulie come up with designs worth keeping for a long, long time.


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nadine said...

Wow looking forward the new layout ate, ako din super wrecked time management. >_< PSS!! God bless po:D