With A Thankful Heart

In my almost twenty seven years of existence, I have experienced ups and downs that made me who I am today. I regret a lot of things that happened, but I have a lot more to be thankful for in this life . I know that a single post cannot encompass everything and everyone that I am grateful for, but here's me making a list just the same.
  • Svetlana. My daughter, above all others, is the one that I am thankful for. Without her I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now, without her I wouldn't know the feeling of being a mother. Best freaking feeling in the world, I tell you.
  • Paulie. I am thankful for my partner and Svet's father, whom without my life wouldn't be complete. He loves Svet more than anything in the world, and that knowledge alone makes me love him even more. I am thankful that he understands my quirks and twists, and although he may not be perfect, I know that he is perfect for me. I am thankful for the almost six years that we've been together.
  • My mom. What can I say? She's the greatest mom in the world. If not for her, I wouldn't be who I am right now. She's been the epitome of supermom all these years, raising us on her own.
  • Elijah. Son of my sister Phoebe, who is the sweetest boy in the world and makes my heart smile just by being with him.
  • My true friends. Who makes me happy when I'm sad, knows every turn of my twisted mind and accepts me for who I am. You know who you are. There aren't a lot of you, but I know all of you are for real.
  • Baguio City. I am thankful for its cool climate, its quiet environment fit for bringing up a child, its great views, its cheap food, its ukay-ukay stores (therapeutic for a stressed WAHM like moi), its honest taxi drivers, its... well, everything. When we came to live here, I just know I am finally home.
  • My being a WAHM. Best job in the world, I wouldn't dream of looking for another career, as I thrive in here, I get the best of both worlds and I am very happy with what I do for a living.
  • My computer. My favorite thing in the world. I wouldn't last for long without it. I think I might even get sick if I was forced to stay away from it. Seriously. Am I not the WAHMaholic? LOL.
  • My blogs. Aside form being a steady source of income, my blogs also serve as the main outlet of my passion in writing. How sad my life would be without them.
  • Marce Club. My online life wouldn't be half as happy without them. They are my constant source of advice, inspiration and most importantly, chismis (LOL).
  • Google. My search engine of choice. I can't imagine a life without it.
  • Our soft bed. After a long day at work, I am grateful for the blissful comfort that it brings.
  • Chocquik. For keeping me up late at night.
  • Typing gloves, thick socks, fluffy slippers and leg warmers. And everything else that helps keeps us warm during extra cold days and nights.
  • PMB. This group led by Mommy Rubz showed me how addicting Facebook can be given the right motivation. What better reason to become hooked than to connect with fellow bloggers and Pinays!

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Anonymous said...

nasan ako ate?:(

Pinay Mama said...

ako nga din wala e. wag ka na pol. haha