Adgitizing Made Easy!

I became a fan of Adgitize after I saw my own Alexa jump almost 200K up in a span of one week after advertising with the system. I was convinced by Pehpot's own results from the site, which made me took the jump to pay the $14 at Adgitize. I barely pay for anything online (contrary to popular belief, if you know what I mean. ha ha ha) which is why it took a lot of prodding from Fedhz before I actually started using it to advertise my site. I have no regrets now, looking back. I was informed I could get the $14 back if I was industrious enough to post everyday (I am NOT) and I blog hop to sites with Adgitize widgets in them. Other Adgitizers can achieve that.

Then came Pehpot's idea (she's always the one with ideas, trust me) of devising a way to make it easier to earn our daily Adgitize points that made me think, hey, maybe I can earn money from Adgitize as well! She calls the system Utoy (don't ask me why) and you can go here to access the boxes that she and her husband Cata have set up to make our blog hopping less painful in the butt. I won't bother to explain it here as she has laid it down in full detail there (and besides, I always sucked at giving directions).

You can read about the background of Utoy in a separate post that Pehpot made here. Be warned, though. By reading said post, your belief that Pehpot has multiple personality disorder will be reaffirmed. Niahaha. She asked me to do the buttons for Utoy. Wait no. Scratch that. She ORDERED me to do them. But nicely, so I obliged. LOL. So here they are, in all their glory. Look at how unadorned they are. Pehpot's hand, ladies and gentlemen. Plain and simple, just the way she likes it. If I had my way, it would of course be garish. Ha ha. But then, you wouldn't be half as convinced about it's effectiveness as it wouldn't look very professional, so I listened to Pehpot on this one. Hehe.

125x125 button

125x40 button

250x60 button

375x60 button

The spots in the boxes aren't filled to the brim yet so grab your space while it's hot and gain more visitors to your website! As the master instigator puts it, "Utoy wants attention. Blog about him, brag about him".


A.Marie said...

Hi kAyE! I'm sure how I got here!

I am messing around with my "test" blog, and I was setting up the comments section. On the bottom of the section, where you can click to go to a newer or older post, there was this Link, "Adgitizing Made Easy," I clicked on it and it brought me here. This is really cool, but do you know how this works??

You are a more of a pro than me when it comes to all of this! :)

fedhz said...

wahehe. ito pala un. hehe. explain daw nya sakin kung pano mag work kase di ko magets. hehehe

salamat nga pala sa linky love. lagi akong special mention dito ah wahaha. tamad pa ko magpost about sa adgitize ko. pero kelangan wahehehe.


niko said...

id like to talk about utoy too but icant see him :( blocked ang photobucket dito sa office :( i cant see them sa bahay dahil nsa bundok kmi at wlang internet connection.. hopeless case noh?? buti n lng at may ym nkkausap ko fedhz and pehpot.. anu nga pla ym mo? chikadora din tau dpat! hahaha

anyways join ka sa girls talk ko ha.. sa girls rule blog ko.. syempre si pehpot din ang brain behind sa ibang kung anik anik..

itong line na to 'she's always the one with ideas, trust me' true to eh! si pehpot tlga! LOL

anyways uwe na ko.. see u sa blog ko ha! will count u in! ihhhhh

genejosh said...

This is interesting but wala akong time...baka this sembreak..hopefully...galing talaga ni Pehpot many ideas and she's blessed to have you Kaye na knowledgeable with these things-template, banners, html codes.....etc...he..he...

BTW Kaye, hope you love these awards I'll passon you :

Nadine Camille said...

nice naman ate!!! harhar. I still need to save up gusto ko din try ung ekek na yan with adgitize. Nyahaha XD sa bakasyon siguro :P

redamethyst said...

kalaro ko na yang si utoy. hehehe. sumali ako dyan sa idea ni pehpot.

niko said...

i will have to use utoy na kasi kta ko na si photobucket sa lappy ko noh!! hihih

niko said...

naker sa una kkahinayang nga to pay $14 pero worth it nmn.. tataas alexa mo then bbalik ang binayad mo hihih