Fedhz.com Is One Year Old!

Yay! My superfriend Fedhzie (whom I haven't chatted with the last two days. Yikes) is celebrating her first blogversary and is holding a contest. Guess what the top prize is. $200! Yep. That's cold hard cash. Well, at least, PayPal cash, which you can always withdraw to your bank account. BUT, she still needs more cash sponsors so she can give away more prizes. So, if you're willing and able, do drop by her post about the contest right here. There are, of course, benefits to being a sponsor.

$5 – A blog review of 200 words from me featured in this blog with 1 link to your blog.

$10 – A blog review of 300 words from me featured in this blog with 3 links to your blog.

$20 – 2 blog reviews of 300 words from me featured in this blog with 3 links to your blog(s).

And that’s not all. Since you’re a sponsor, your blog might also be featured in other participating blogs as well if contestants have chosen to review your blog. So the higher your sponsorship, the more chance of being featured. Why? If participants blogged about you they gain the following points:

$5 = 5 points

$10 = 10 points

$20 = 20 points

Sponsors can join the contest as well. So if you have sponsored $5, then you already earned 5 points, if you have sponsored $10, then you already earned 10 points, and so on. Just from the blog review you already get your money’s worth.

By the way, I just copy pasted that verbatim from her site so there WILL be pronoun confusions. Niahaha. I still have to get the mechanics through to this thick skull of mine. But hey, it's a chance to win $200. That alone should be motivation enough, right? So become a sponsor by leaving a comment here.

And for chrissakes, Fedhz is a girl. Get that? She's 100% miss, a damsel (though seldom in distress), a loving daughter, a real lady, a classy lassie, a fine mademoiselle, a passionate woman. That means SHE is not a HIM or a KUYA. Well, she's kinda gay (and so is Niko, Pehpot, Mye and TONS of other women I know), but girls ARE gays, that's some sort of unspoken understanding already. Okay? I just want to get the facts straight here. Thank you.


kamz said...

happy blogversary to fedhz! good luck to all participants.

btw, thanks for the well wishes mommy kaye. sam is feeling better now. hugs!

redamethyst said...

didn't join fedhz's contest, di pa talaga ako marunong gumawa ng review noon hanggang ngayon naman eh yun nga lang mas malakas na loob ko ngayon.

zoan said...

uso na pala talaga ang pamimigay ng ganito kalaking pera ano dati pa?heheh

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I don't know if she will held another contest this year :)

Genefaith said...

it's a big contest too and I'm not there to support here moving mode kasi kami on that time...

niko said...

eh baket sino ba doubtful sa kasarian ni fedhz??? kaloka!

niko said...

hihih pero in fairness nga korek ka. gay nga yan si fedhz hahahha