I haven't been to Adgitize for the longest time but a month back, I decided it's high time to advertise with them again. I wanted to advertise my portfolio page at WAHMaholic Designs like I did last time, but I was surprised when I received an email from Ken saying that they do not allow such type of site anymore on the system. Although I was disappointed, I know that there would come a time when Adgitize would make a defining line between blogs and business sites.

Ken explained to me that they will be rolling out the Adgitize4Business© platform on January 2011, as also stated on their blog post on the Adgitize site about it (read about it HERE). It's different from the system that I was used to, but it's still familiar since it's kind of like Google Adwords but without all the complex functions. I hope that next month I will be able to advertise my portfolio already, and I also hope that their separate system for business works as promised for business site owners, and those sites that do not belong to the "blog" category.

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