Where Are You Spending The Holidays?

People have different preferences when it comes to spending the holidays, what they will do and where they will spend it. Most people would like to spend it with their family, either right at their own home or out of the country booked for Hoseasons european holidays, especially those that like to travel a lot and can afford the expenses. Some prefer to spend it alone, whatever reason they may have during that time. Some like to party with friends, or even strangers. Some like a quiet dinner celebration with close friends and/or loved ones.

Me and my family are close-knit, and have never thought of spending the holidays anywhere other than our home. And like last Christmas and New Year and all the years before that, it's what we're doing this year. I guess that's why I will never understand the reason of other people, why they would choose to spend the holidays amidst strangers. But in the end, no matter how and where people choose to spend their holidays, there are only two reasons for the season: the birth of Jesus Christ and welcoming the start of a brand new year.

How about you? Where are you spending the holidays this year? No matter where, or what you are doing, or with whom, I hope we all have a great time this holiday season.

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