Cold Cold Nights Are Here

A sure sign that Christmas and the New Year is coming. I rarely work nights now, not only because I've decided that I am more productive when I work in the mornings, but also because it can get uncomfortably cold at night nowadays and my hands feel like they would freeze off my arm while typing. Of course that means I have more time to spend on TV marathon with Paulie and get to accompany Svet until she goes off to dreamland. This year isn't as cold as last year or the year before that. I guess the weather is really screwed up big time. But of course it's still colder than the rest of the country, so I am not complaining.

We won't be spending Christmas or New Year at my in-laws in Bulacan. We will just stay here in Baguio to celebrate the season together with my sister Ayie and her family. Last year we spent the holidays in Bulacan, so we're staying at our city this time around. The first year that we were here, my cousins (a LOT of them) came over to celebrate with us, but I don't think that's happening this year (unless they have a plan that we don't know about). It won't be a quite Christmas and New Year still, I mean, we still have Svet and Elijah with us. And those two alone is worth a battalion of kids, believe me.

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