Not A Baby Anymore

My daughter Svet is two years and seven months old now. I still cannot get over how fast time flies. It seems like yesterday when I am still struggling to wake up at nights just to feed her, and was still very afraid that I might break her bones from holding her because she seems so delicate. Now she can speak clearly, and can communicate with us what she wants. Just this afternoon she said a full, proper sentence without stuttering (she was telling her Tito Lloyd that her dad is going to bring home pizza). Every morning she never fails to greet everyone with an energetic "Good morning!", and those two words alone can jump start all our days.

There goes my little girl...

She insists on the clothes that she wants to wear for the day now. She likes to play with mommy's computer, and other stuff that only grownups are supposed to touch (like my make-up). She knows what she wants to watch on TV (Dora The Explorer, most of the time), she absolutely refuses to eat eggs (no matter how they are cooked) and is almost fully potty-trained. In two years she was able to develop from a helpless little infant to a very hyper tot. I don't know if I will be pleased or sad that she is growing up so fast. My Svet is not baby anymore.


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