Pre-Made Blogger Templates For Sale

I decided to try my hand at making premade templates, and that's what's been keeping me busy during my days off (well, aside from watching Princess Hours with Paulie. Yes, that Korean series. Hee hee). I currently have six premades which you can check out HERE. Each premade costs $30, and consists of about $80-$90 worth of design and add-ons. What do my premades come with, you ask?

I haven't been doing anything to promote my premades, so the only way you'll ever find out about them is through my blog posts and by visiting my portfolio page at WAHMaholic Designs. If you find something you like in the premade section but would like to ask me a question first, do not hesitate to shoot me a message first using the contact form at the site. I have drafted several mockups already so please expect new premades before the end of the year (at least a couple). Next year I vow to produce more of them as I organize my design schedule better. See you in my portfolio page!

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