Facebook Addict?

W hen Facebook first came out, I was hooked on Friendster and relied on it solely for my social networking needs. Being so young, I thought Facebook was too formal (as it did not allow for any customizations on profile layouts) and too boring. I barely knew anyone who was on Facebook that time, so I decided to still hang around Friendster for a while. I did make an account for the site, though, and added my then officemates (who for some weird reason [at least in my mind] preferred Facebook more than Friendster). It was only when I became a WAHM that I really took notice of Facebook. And it was only this year that I fully used it to track down old friends and try to reach out to them.

After experiencing the power of said social network, and after realizing that profile layout customizations on Friendster are tacky, I decided to leave Friendster for good. Now I find that I use Facebook more and more each day, and I take joy in being able to connect with my old and new buddies very easily by using the site. It's great that a lot of people seemed to have made the same realization that I did, so now I can find my friends on Facebook easier. Everybody seems to have a Facebook account nowadays. Gone are the days when Friendster is the go to place to socialize on the web. I'm glad for how things turned out with Facebook. I really believe in its ability to connect people from all parts of the globe, strangers and loved ones alike.

Am I a Facebook addict already? I don't think so. I can still live my daily life without thinking about my Facebook account every three seconds, so I think it's safe to say I am not dependent on the site. It can be pretty addicting, I have to admit. But I don't think I will be spending more time than is necessary on the site. I think I know better than to be addicted to anything online by now. Except for work of course.


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