Please Vote For Chichi!

My sister Phoebe informed me about this online contest that was launched by one of the local Baguio sellers on Facebook that we sometimes buy from. The mechanics was pretty simple, just submit a photo which includes an item purchased from the seller. I happen to have such a photo in my hard drive, so we decided to submit it. We bought this cute hat from The Clutter Shop and Svet have since been using it during extra cold days when she's playing outside.
The submitted photo with the most number of likes wins the prizes, and contest will run until March 09. I really hope that we win this one, and I'm going to need your precious help. How to like the picture?

  • Add The Clutter Shop as a friend. You won't be able to see the Like link on Svet's picture unless you do.
  • Click Like below Svet's picture to make your vote count. Alternatively, you can click on her picture above to go to the album page where her entry is located.
Thank you so much in advance and I'm keeping all my fingers crossed until March 10 when the winner will be announced!