Eminent Eights

Mommy Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts has always been giving me tags and awards and it's about time I post one of them. Thanks Tetcha! You know I appreciate it! *hugs* Marce Kikamz and Marce Chris tagged me with this one as well, so thanks so much too! Mwah! So this here's the Lucky Chinese tag called Eminent Eights, that requires me to answer eight times eight questions and tag eight friends, with the uber cute logo below:

8 TV Shows We Like to Watch:
1. SpongeBob Squarepants
2. Dora The Explorer
3. The Fairly OddParents
4. Wowowee
5. Showtime
6. Imbestigador
7. iCarly
8. Anything on NGC

8 Favorite Places to Eat & Drink:
1. Jack's
2. Dane's
3. Jollibee
4. Chowking
5. KFC
6. Bagoong Club Resto
Pizza Hut
8. outside the house. LOL

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Spending the rest of my life with Paulie and Svet
2. Mom arriving every two or three weeks
3. Holidays
4. Bi-weekly movie marathon with Paulie
5. Hearing all of Svet's words
Weekend trips to the park
7. More blogs to design
8. Getting a house to call our own

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Svet sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
2. We did the grocery shopping and went to market
3. Paulie washed our clothes
4. We fetched my youngest sister from school
5. Mom texted us a lot
6. Almost went to Burnham (it suddenly looked like it was about to rain, so we didn't go).
7. Ate Boy Bawang (adobo flavor) LOL
8. Slept early

8 Things I Love about Winter:
No winter! But it's pretty cold here, so...
1. Sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
2. Walking long and often isn't half as irritating
3. Natural blush-on
4. Clean and crisp air
5. Bonfire
6. Snuggle time
7. More hugging
8. Can wear thick clothes without looking ridiculous

8 Things I Am Passionate about:
1. Writing
2. Good books
3. Great films
4. Happy music
5. Blog design
6. Svet's laugh
7. An engaging conversation
8. Baguio

8 Words/Phrases I Often Use:
1. Kiss!
2. Love you!
3. Chiching
4. Anuberrr..
5. Daaaaad!
6. Eww eww!
7. Jeg-jeg-jegoy!
8. Holy shit! (blame the piglet)

8 Things I Learnt from the Past:
1. Moms know best
2. When you love, accept the other person as he/she is, without ifs and buts
3. Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family
4. The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement
5. It's not only Svet who grows. Paulie and I do, too
6. Revenge is not ours, it's God's (naks!)
7. Never miss an opportunity to say I Love You
8. There's no sense crying over spilled milk

8 Blog Friends We Want to Tag:
1. Anna
2. Fedhz
3. Sam
4. Yami
5. Jade
6. Liz
7. Gene
8. Mylene

Our blogversary contest is ongoing! More than $500 of cash and prizes are at stake!

BIG Blogversary Contest


Mylene said...

Thanks Girl. Sana mafill-in ko lahat hehehe...

Paula said...

I hope someone tags me too. I so want to do this!hihi

Happy Thoughts

Yami said...

Marce, thanks sa tag. will post this soon. copy past ko lang muna sa draft. :)

Genefaith said...

kasali ako sa tag..thank you marce do it as soon as OK na ako:)

Genefaith said...

about tv shows:

I really miss the Pinoy TV shows and our lunchtime entertainment shows...

Genefaith said...

about fave place to eat and drink:

Marce Bagoong lang ba ang nasa Bagoong Club resto...he..he..I miss Chowking's halo-halo and Jollibee...super sarap ng sauce ng Jollibee kaya masarap iorder ng manok...

Genefaith said...

about Things I Look Forward To:

buti kapa your mom visits you every 2 to 3 weeks..mine once a year..he..he..sana kami na rin makauwi next time...

me too I look forward to have our own house...For sure mare you'll have more blogs to design ikaw pa...

Genefaith said...

mare pahingi boy bawang..namiss ko yan..

wow Svet could sing twinkle twinkle little star na..how sweet:)

Genefaith said...

I bet marce you always say I love you to Paulie..he..he...ikaw nagsabi ha never miss an opportunity to say I love you:) ako din I always do coz I don't know what tomorrow may bring:)

fedhz said...

buhay ka pa pala.

uso pa pala tags

Chris said...

tags like these are great to know more about you :D

Sherry Go Sharing said...

this is fun and best of all get to know you better :)

redamethyst said...

It's fun knowing a bit more about you. me, my hubby and son likes to eat at KFC a lot also. we especially like yun nasa megamall dati, kasi may playplace. kaso ngayon tinanggal na nila.

Sam said...

I love this tag. Mainly because 8 is my favorite number. :) Thanks again for tagging me!

Kasai said...

I also love Jollibee and Id also like to have my own place. We have in common somehow :)

kamz said...

lol! isip ako ng isip asan ang burnham. tapos nasa baguio ka pala.. hehe! laya pala burnham. very foreign name kasi.. akala ko you lived once before in the US. haha... toinks! ang kyut ng 8 words/phrases mo esp the no. 10. :D

Chris said...

parang gusto ko na din ng hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Chris said...

i havent been to a bonfire since youth camp days!

Chris said...

holidays and movie marathons are something i look forward to! what sort of movies do you watch?

Chris said...

Dora the Explorer is a favorite here too

Sherry Go Sharing said...

KFC my favourite too and I like original not spicy :)