Nobita Syndrome

I am here in front of the computer since seven in the morning and I have yet to do anything I can add to my month's list of worthwhile activities. I have been reading the Doraemon manga since last night (thus the title, and I'm really Nobita* personified right now) and laughing over Ramon Bautista's tumblr entries and neglecting everything else that needs to be done. Right after doing a layout (I just finished Anna's, do visit her if you have the time. I haven't even have the strength to blog about it separately. Tomorrow I hope), this always happens to me. Now I can't even think of anything to add to this blog post.


I think I maybe entering a state of catatonia. What a posh word.

*Nobita is the uber lazy fourth grader whom Doraemon went back in time for to help. He always makes excuses not to do his assignments, he's VERY unlucky, he always makes his mom angry, he's uncoordinated. Yep. Me alright.

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Sam said...

LOL. That's ok. You're human! Haha! Doing layouts can be pretty draining. Haha! Draining is actually an understatement. You should take a break!

Genefaith said...

One manga is dearie's fave site too to read IPPO...I'm not hooked ni Doraemon kasi wala akong time buti ka pa marce...he..he...

maybe you need a break sometimes to unwind and be refreshed again:)

niko said...

aw can you please elaborate

catatonia and
nobita syndrome

ayan you have something to blog when your mind is back and running again :)

wit bisitahin ko na darly este ana :) hehe

niko said...

waaaaaaaah danda.. panu mo napaghahalo ang mga kulay tapos ganda pa rin ng outcome!!! henyo mo!!! kaines hahahahah

kamz said...

hahaha.. pareho tayo. ang tagal ko nang nakaupo in front of the PC and yet, wala akong magawa. ang bineblame ko naman is dacebook and artscow. hehe!

redamethyst said...

haha. ganun naman ata talaga minsan. may mga times na tatamarin sa mga usual na ginagawa

niko said...

Akala ko meron tlgang ganun..nobita..kasi madalas ko marinig ang name nya..buti nalang wala kang Damulag syndrome kasi mas matindi siguro yun..hahah