Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Infant Formula On SALE!

I heard back in July of this year that Walmart is planning to enter the Philippine market, which I think is a good thing if you take in the availability of variety view. More choices, much better, right? Anyways, right now in all Walmart branches located in the United States, the retail store brand Parent's Choice infant formula (which, coincidentally, is the brand of an inexpensive diaper I used on Svet months back but stopped because I found a cheaper one. haha) is on sale in a 15.5 oz (440 gram) can for $5.00 each. Yep, 2 cans for $10. It's quite a steal, don't you think? The sale is for a limited time only, mind you.

This is good news for parents already using Parent's Choice as their baby's formula, and better for those currently looking for cheaper alternatives to name-brand formulas, what with the announcement of the Women, Infants and Children program (WIC) that they may be lowering the funds set aside for subsidizing infant formula. Parent's Choice, which has been Walmart's store brand formula since 1998, is no less nutritionally-complete than national brand baby formulas for sale in the market today, as naturally, it meets the strict standards of the FDA. It wouldn't be in the market (and for so long, at that) if it doesn't, obviously. Anyway, head on to the Walmart branch nearest you to buy your child/children a can or two (or more if you're the type to stock up on milk).



Sherry Go Sharing said...

walmarts we don't have here but this is good news for parents who live nearby.

niko said...

oh my. 2 cans for $10!! huwat da!!! so mura marce!!!

niko said...

ang milk ni yena for 10 days is $20 wahehehehe. anube sbrang ok naman tong milk na yo marce.. nagcompute ako bigla hihihi