Top Commentator Widget For Blogger

Here is the code (original pipe and codes provided by BloggerSentral, date limit feature by Pehpot's husband, edited by moi, long-winded [but NOT boring!] story HERE) that you can use to display the top commentators of your Blogger blog and give some some love to people who love you the most. The features?

  • It ACCURATELY displays the top commentators from the last FIVE THOUSAND (5000) comments of your blog.
  • You are allowed to exclude THREE commentators of your choice (Anonymous is already excluded)
  • You can set the number of names to display on your sidebar and commentators' links are linked to URL provided.
  • You can set the date for inclusion and exclusion (i.e. you want the list to show ONLY the top commentators for the whole month of January).
  1. Go to Layout and click Add a Gadget.
  2. Choose HTML/JavaScript.
  3. Copy and paste the below codes on the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  4. <script type="text/javascript">
    function getYpipe(feed) {
     var i;
     for (i = 0; i < feed.count ; i++)
     var href = "'" + feed.value.items[i].link + "'";
     if(feed.value.items[i].link == "")
    var item ="<li>" + feed.value.items[i].title + "</li>";
    var item = "<li>" + "<a href="+ href + '" target="_blank">' + feed.value.items[i].title + "</a> </li>";
     <script src="
     &ExcludeCommentsBefore=SET START DATE HERE (i.e. 01-01-2010)
     &IncludeCommentsBefore=SET END DATE HERE (i.e. 01-31-2010)
    type="text/javascript"></script><br />
    <center><a href="">GET YOUR OWN TOP COMMENTATOR WIDGET!</a></center>
    HOW TO COPY CODE: Click on the "view plain" text in the upper left corner of the code box (see screenshot below). A window will pop up. Just Hit Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to copy the entirety of the codes.
  5. Edit the following parts of the code above to reflect your own settings (ONLY the below settings, nothing more):
  6. YourBlogUrl= &ExcludedNick1=1ST name to exclude &ExcludedNick2=2ND name to exclude &ExcludedNick3=3RD name to exclude &ShowHowMany=Number of people to show in the list, i.e. 10. Default is 10. &ExcludeCommentsBefore=Start date &IncludeCommentsBefore=End date
  7. Don't forget to type in an appropriate title in the gadget box, i.e. Top Commentators or They Love Me Most, whatever floats your boat.
  8. Hit the delicious orange SAVE button.
That's it! Easy-peasy, huh? And yes, this widget IS as ACCURATE as it can get, all thanks to Greenlava and Pehpot's husband. I cannot thank you both enough! You're a love! I know I have just given you readers the biggest headache of all with my tutorial, so for any questions, feel free to comment below!


Chris said...

this is a very useful gadget indeed! i will check out my widgets against what you instructed here...

by the way, have a tag for you at

Kasai said...

Its useful, but not for my blog right now, ii barely have comments :) Isurely bookmark this pagefor future use. Thanks for sharing! Mabuhay!

Sherry said...

good tips no try yet.. so lazy now

redamethyst said...

thanks for sharing this, pwde kong gamitin ito sa isang blog. sana lang maraming magcomment. hehehe

Mys said...

Yay! It works! Thanks for this one. I was actually looking for a gadget like this one. You do great work Kaye.

kamz said...

ang galing naman nito marce kaye. salamat for this! and i am sure, maraming matutuwa nito kasi di mo na kailangan i-insert sa html code mo. add mo na lang as a separate gadget. you are so brilliant!

kamz said...

by the way, naghahanap ako ng top commentators widget that updates every month.. na at the beginning of the month, back to zero naman ang counting. possible kaya yun? how do you go about it? paturo! thanks!

Sam said...

i was using the one with yahoo pipes. i'll be trying this one out once i get the will-power to do some site-editing. at the mo, amn ot in the mood for editing blogger. LOL.

Genefaith said...

yeheeeyyy..I use this now..galing mo talaga marce:)

niko said...

i will try this on pag medyo fresh pa utak ko .. sobrang ngarags na ko now at gusto ko na matulog :D

thanks for posting marce!! mwah

redamethyst said...

waaa di ko makita un codes na icocopy, ako lang ba ito o di talaga ako marunong. wahahahaha

Leilanie said...

OOh thank you! I've been looking for a good one for a while now.

Yami said...

Ma-try nga ito marce. teka lang

Yami said...

Ma-try nga ito marce. teka lang

zoan said...

try ko rin ito pag nasa city ako :D dahil mahirap maglagay ng mga widget if nasa bukid and ang slow ng net mo :D

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

@ kikamz: i haven't looked into that feature marce. will try to fix the pipes once i have the time (kelan kaya yun. wahaha!) peh's hubby set a parameter which we will use especially for the contest. i haven't seen it as well but i'm sure it will serve the purpose of our contest well ;)

@red: i changed templates and forgot to include the codes that will make the javascript appear. LOL! fixed now ;)

Sherry Go Sharing said...

I need this code for my other blogs.

redamethyst said...

ayan, kita ko na sya ngayon, gagawin ko ito sa March :D :D

sheng said...

thanks for sharing sis...