When It Rains Contests, It Pours

So my life revolves around blog contests now. LOL. Just when I thought I have my hands full on a couple of contests, there are more. The delicious Mye of Blog Appetite (whom I haven't chatted with in a while, I suddenly miss that girl) is holding an anniversary contest as her blog turned one year old last September 1. It will be a raffle draw, but you'll need points to get included in the raffle. As it happens, Mye's not very demanding of the participants, which is great for me during this time of crisis (over the TONS of contests happening simultaneously. LOL.)

The contest will run from October 1-November 15 and winners will be picked three days later on November 18. What's a contest without prizes and sponsors? Below is Mye's own list (including yours truly), which I am salivating over just looking at it:

$10 Sponsors:

Business Sphere – http://businessphereconsulting.com
Home Buddies – http://fedhz.com
WAHMaholic – http://wahmaholic.com

$5 Sponsors:

Blog De Manila – http://blogdemanila.com
My Quality dAY – http://myqualityday.blogspot.com
Diva Fabulosa – http://divafabulosa.com
The Pinay Blogger – http://thepinayblogger.com
Living with Diabetes – http://www.diabetis.biz
Stalking Minds – http://vladimyrbotones.com
Make or Break – http://www.pehpot.com

3-month Ad Spot
Life’s Journey – http://mywpblogonline.com
Rewards Station – http://www.kwarta4me.biz
My Crafts Stores Online – http://www.mycraftstoresonline.us
That Blog4me – http://thatblog4me.blogspot.com
Travel Blog – http://heyjustblog.blogspot.com
There is Happiness – http://thereishappiness.com
Twins Happiness – http://twinshappiness.com
Also Mommy – http://alsomommy.blogspot.com
TH’s Corner – http://thcorner.blogspot.com
Isherrygo – http://www.isherrygo.com
Name Sherry – http://namesherry.com
Lurv Everything – http://lurvevertyhing.com
Iblogaholic – http://www.iblogaholic.info
Another Contest – http://anothercontest.blogspot.com
iLUVcontest – http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com
My Vegetable Garden – http://orientalveggies.blogspot.com/
Product Reviews Von Mir – http://productreviewsvonmir.blogspot.com/
Online Mommy – http://mylenerabago.com/

2-month Ad Spot
Chica Chika – http://chicachika.divafabulosa.com/
Health and Beauty Diva – http://healthandbeautydiva.com/
IVF Journies – http://www.ivfjournies.com/
Girls are Made of Sugar and Spice – http://www.girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice.com/
Biasasaja – http://biasasaja.com

1-month Ad Spot

Kaya Mo Pinoy – http://www.kayamopinoy.com
PinayMom – http://pinaymom.org
MommaWannabe – http://www.mommawannabe.com
Life of a Filipina Blogger – http://pinayjade.com
Pictures and Cultures – http://misterpix.com
Biasasaja – http://biasasaja.com
Liezl Read-Write – http://liezl-read-write.blogspot.com
Elai’s Haven – http://www.elaisblog.blogspot.com
Mom Writes For a Cause – http://penname30.blogspot.com

EC Credits:

3000 EC

A Woman Remembers – http://serenityoverload.blogspot.com

Wonderful things In Life – http://mommyko.com
My Life’s Adventure – http://love.mommyko.com
My Crafts Stores Online – http://www.mycraftstoresonline.us
The Joy Of Life Forever – http://www.happymomiam.us
The Fountain Of Happiness – http://chris.happymomiam.us
Life’s Journey – http://mywpblogonline.com

As always, everybody is encouraged to join. The rules (which are pretty straight-forward) can be found here. I just hope I am half as lucky in raffles as I want to be. Goodness knows me and lady luck aren't exactly in friendly terms when in comes to these things. LOL. Good luck to everyone who decides to join!


zoan said...

grabe ang dami talagang contests pala sa blogosphere.. ahehehe

redamethyst said...

ayos ah, few days ago, it's raining awards ngayon its raining contest naman

Sherry Go Sharing said...

yeah the contest was challenging and glad to be one of the winners :)

niko said...

sa mga contest na ganito mas gusto ko ec credits, adgitize gc, or blog makeover hahahha

niko said...

nanalo ka ba dito?? burger burger naman!! haha

niko said...

hindi rin ako best of friends with luck marce ;)